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Vanquish is a state-of-the-art body contouring device that permanently removes fat and tightens skin without surgery or downtime. Vanquish uses radio frequency energy to target and kill fat cells without harming the overlying skin or deeper tissues. Vanquish targets the tummy, love handles, lower back, bra bulge and thighs, giving you newly defined contour and confidence.

Advantages of Vanquish:

✓ No downtime
✓ Noninvasive
✓ Results can be seen after a single treatment
✓ Larger areas can be treated
✓ Long-lasting results
✓ Painless sessions

If you want to learn more about Vanquish and how it can help you achieve a tighter, more sculpted physique, contact DermaCare Tri-cities. We are a premier provider of Vanquish in the Pacific Northwest. Call us at 509.783.5050 to schedule a free consultation to learn how this new treatment can improve your physique. 

Vanquish Body Sculpting Treatment - DermaCare Richland, WA
Vanquish Body Sculpting Treatment - DermaCare Richland, WA

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