25 million Americans live with bladder leakage. You don't have to be one.
Summer is here again and we are all on the go. We’re going to the gym, the park, the swimming pool, boating, but wait, unfortunately many people, especially women, modify their activities due to some form of urinary incontinence (leakage). Yes, we said leakage. Leakage is even common when women sneeze, laugh, cough, and exercise, but with DermaCare’s EMSella there is hope. We should not be afraid to talk about our bodies, especially when something abnormal occurs that negatively impacts our quality of life, pleasure, and fitness. Unfortunately, it is common for women to avoid activities because of embarrassing leakage. Don’t believe the untrue myths about leakage being normal, just a part of aging, too many fluids, only option is surgery, etc. Now is the time to take control, gain control, and stop being embarrassed. The International Continence Society defines this problem as “involuntary loss of urine that is a social or hygienic problem”. According to the National Association for Continence, over 25 million Americans live with bladder leakage. It starts at only 1 in 4 women over 18 years old experience leakage but the incidence rises with age and with some estimates of over 50% of people affected. Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are also contributing factors to additional leakage. What can be done? There are numerous options from kegels to pills to surgery. One exciting new option is the BTL EMSella. 95% of the patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life in recent scientific research. That is 95% of patients who can finally live their life again without leakage. It’s time to say goodbye to the embarrassing leakage. Call DermaCare (509-783-5050) today to see if you are a candidate for the EMSella to help you take control of your Life, Pleasure, and Fitness again.

Why EMSella?

Many women experience a condition called stress urinary incontinence (SUI). SUI occurs when your bladder leaks urine during physical activity or exertion. It may happen when you cough, laugh, jump, sneeze, or exercise. SUI is most commonly caused by vaginal childbirth and hormonal changes due to age. The stretching and increased laxity of the tissues causes the bladder to sag over the anterior wall of the vagina, which can interfere with the proper function of the bladder when it is full. Urinary incontinence commonly leaves the sufferer with psychological morbidity, particularly depression. Up to 23% of women take time off work because of their incontinence, and in some cases women with severe urinary incontinence can pay $900 annually for adult incontinence products. More than a third of women between 45 and 50 avoid athletic activities out of fear of an incontinence episode, and according to the NAFC, 54% of women with un-diagnosed incontinence report loss of confidence with 45% reporting a loss of sexual intimacy. These are struggles that women should no longer have to face. EMSella is the first device of it’s kind and is FDA-cleared for treating urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity in women.

What Is EMSella?

BTL EMSella is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for stress urinary incontinence and urge incontinence. The treatment is delivered by comfortably sitting in an ergonomic chair fully clothed, where electromagnetic technology penetrates the targeted tissues of the pelvic floor and stimulates the muscles, building up muscle strength and restoring the support for the pelvic organs. In doing so, the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and improved dramatically, the vaginal walls are tightened, urinary and urge incontinence is decreased and sexual satisfaction is increased. BTL EMSella is so powerful, during one short 28-minute treatment, BTL EMSella will provoke 11,200 contractions, which is equivalent to performing 11,200 Kegel exercises! While this type of treatment is selective and non-invasive, it offers deep penetration into the targeted tissues of the pelvic floor and stimulates the muscles. In as few as 3 weeks, patients strongly agree their incidence of stress urinary incontinence was improved by 95%!


The results are both instantaneous and on-going. Because this therapy is non-invasive and non-surgical, there is no recovery or downtime. You can come in, get your treatment, and return to your normal daily activities.